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The Mindset Lists of American History

"The Mindset Lists of American History - From Typewriters to Text Messages - What Ten Generations of Americans Think Is Normal"
This is an indispensable book for college educators lecturing to a new incoming class of freshman, 18 year-old students. It is written by Beloit College Professors Ron Nief and Tom McBride. Their goal in writing this book is to remind their fellow colleagues what a new group of college freshmen think is "normal" in American social history.

Health Tips - Not So Sweet

The World Health Organization issued guidelines that suggest limiting sugar to 25 grams/day. This is less than a can of soda!

Health Tips - Headaches

If you feel a headache coming on, grab an apple. The smell of green apples has been shown to reduce migraine pain.

Superstitions - Phrases: Knock On Wood

The phrase "Knock on Wood!" derives from the ancient belief that, in the forests, the "good" spirits can be found in the bark (or the wood) of trees. Thus, a person "knocks on wood" asking for help from the "good" spirits to protect against bad luck and the "evil" spirits!

A List of Nearly Extinct Household Items

  • Wall Telephone
  • Answer Machine
  • Tube TV Sets
  • Rabbit Ears Antenna for the above TV Sets
  • Dinner Tray Tables
  • The Yellow Pages (and Phone Books)
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