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Health Tips - Not So Sweet

The World Health Organization issued guidelines that suggest limiting sugar to 25 grams/day. This is less than a can of soda!

2012 List of Wealthiest Members of US Congress

  1. Representative Darrell Issa R-CA $355 Million
  2. Representative Michael McCall R-TX $114 Million
  3. Senator Mark Warner D-VA $89 Million
  4. Senator Jay Rockefeller D-WV $84 Million
  5. Senator Richard Blumenthal D-CT $77 Million
  • In 2011, John Kerry, the senator from Massachusetts and now the Secretary of State, was the second wealthiest with a net worth of $199 million.
  • Florida Senator Marco Rubio had a negative net worth of -$190 thousand.

Starbucks Replaces WiFi Service from AT&T to Google

After a brief announcement back in June that it had partnered with Starbucks to offer free, unlimited music through its new Google Play All Access streaming service, Google today announced that it will soon be supplying WiFi to all Starbucks locations in the US. That also includes its new gigabit Google Fiber internet service where available.

Up until now, AT&T provided free Wifi access to Starbucks customers in the US (and T-Mobile before that), but it appears that will no longer be the case following the roll out of Google’s networks in the coming weeks.

Health Tips - Headaches

If you feel a headache coming on, grab an apple. The smell of green apples has been shown to reduce migraine pain.

A List of Nearly Extinct Household Items

  • Wall Telephone
  • Answer Machine
  • Tube TV Sets
  • Rabbit Ears Antenna for the above TV Sets
  • Dinner Tray Tables
  • The Yellow Pages (and Phone Books)
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